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About the Detroit Press Club

Let’s revive the Detroit Press Club Share this:

In the turbulent world of media today we see shrinking jobs in some sectors, expanding jobs in others, more video, less print, more citizen journalism, more competition for writing, graphic design and media traffic from far away. How do we talk to one another about what’s going on? How do we honor the best of class in journalism?

Let’s revive the Detroit Press Club and find out.

We will offer social and professional network venues where we can meet up and discuss topics. We will provide networking venues, newsmaker events, award competitions for professionals and students and other resources as the group evolves.

Detroit Press Club will again host the annual Wheel Awards for best work in automotive reporting in digital channels, on air and in print. The Club will resurrect the Michigan Excellence in Journalism awards. Hundreds and hundreds of individuals participated and will again.

The name is over 110 years old. For nearly a century the Detroit Press Club offered fellowship, meetings and training and encouraged camaraderie from its inception in 1902 to its demise in the mid-1990s. When it had a brick and mortar building on Howard Street, it was a place where journalists, newscasters and others could and others in the field could gather to socialize, swap tales, eat, drink, be merry, and digest the news of the day.

Nearly all the area journalism organizations held meetings in the old two-story club next to the Communicating Arts Credit Union, including Society of Professional Journalists, Women in Communications, National Association of Black Journalists, Detroit Auto Writers Group  and many more.

The mission statement of the old club is found in it’s constitution, Article 1, Section 2, where it states the purpose of the club “shall be to bring together members of the news gathering and writing profession in closer friendship, to provide and maintain club rooms and facilities for the use of its members.”

Just remember the words of one scribe:

“I got addicted. news, particularly daily news, is more addictive than crack cocaine, more addictive than heroin, more addictive than cigarettes. ” Dan Rather

Come share your ideas for a new Detroit Press Club – let us know how it would serve you best. Share your memories, photos and artifacts from the old Detroit Press Club.